Set Adrift on Travelling Ships

July 24, 2008

Botched reference to PM Dawn aside, I thought I’d try a little something different on my newest hunter (Tyrna, US-Terokkar).

Basically, I’m trying to “push the limits” of a corpse run, while trying to tame a Springpaw Stalker in Eversong Woods.  This isn’t the first time I’ve tamed one of these lynxes, but the first time I tried using portals and ships while corpse-running.

I’ve seen and read many testimonials confirming this, but it’s nice to be able to confirm it for myself.  So yeah: in a word (or three), it all works.  The particular method I used tonight involves the usual death-release-run tactic, but incorporates: 1) running towards your ultimate goal, specifically, the Spirit Healer closest to your intended destination while in Ghost Form, 2) logging out at that Spirit Healer, 3) logging back in and resurrecting there (and crossing your fingers that you haven’t accidentally rez’d near any enemy guards; see below).

What frustrates me about using this technique is that I’m not necessarily familiar with exactly where all these various Spirit Healers are located.  I’m pretty sure that MetaMap, Cartographer, or any other map mod would have this info available natively or as a plug-in/database.  I’m using Cartographer right now, but haven’t taken time to learn its ins-and-outs yet.  Anyway, I think it might be handy for me to put up a list that I can refer to online, so I’m temporarily typing up a few of the ones I encounter in Eversong right now.

  • Silvermoon City ( 48.0, 49.6 )
    Slightly East (to the Right) of road leading South from Falconwing Square, right along the wall outside the Ruins of Silvermoon; this is usually the GY I use, as it seems relatively safe (haven’t yet noticed any guards patrolling the immediate vicinity (at least, till you wander onto the main roads).
  • Farstrider Retreat ( 60.0, 64.0 )
    Just used this one and it’s suicide (found that out the hard way!).  It’s in the SW (Bottom-left) corner of the Village icon on the Eversong Woods map; above the “F” in “Farstrider Retreat”; rear of main building.
  • Fairbreeze Village ( 44.3, 71.2 )
    Visited this one in Ghost Form, before I rez’d at the spot above and it looked equally suicidal; approx. NNE (topcenter-right) corner of Town icon; between the 2 buildings.

Since I tend to be a bit wordy (alright… very wordy) with my descriptions, I’ve plotted the above coordinates here. Maybe someday, I’ll get around to plotting some more of these GY’s; no promises though! =)

By the way, full credit for the Ghost Travel tip goes to Tiiaa (and Mania) via Mania’s Arcania. Linkage here.


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